IFC Media Project

The IFC Media Project
An Independent Film Channel original series, produced by Meghan O'Hara (FAHRENHEIT 9/11 and SiCKO) and Nick McKinney (The Daily Show and Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days", is "journalism gone rogue."

The critically acclaimed series returns for its third season, this time sending four award-winning journalists – Max Blumenthal, Nir Rosen, Charlie LeDuff and Andrew Berends – behind the mainstream media's bombastic headlines and empty rhetoric to expose the real stories that lurk beneath the surface of America's fragile culture.

The IFC Media Project Presents... FEAR, WAR, GREED and DISASTER – four rollicking 30-minute documentaries that go where blow-dried news personalities fear to tread.

In FEAR, Max Blumenthal goes inside the Tea Party to find out who's really pulling the strings. Nir Rosen travels to Afghanistan in WAR to uncover what happened to the $51 Billion the USA has spent on “reconstruction.” With Wall Street posting record profits and the rest of the country still screwed, Charlie LeDuff's GREED travels from Detroit to Manhattan to the nation's capital in search of answers. And in DISASTER, we follow Andrew Berends and a host of other reporters (including Ivan Watson, Daniel Morel and Dan Rather) as they struggle to cover the aftermath of Haiti's devastating earthquake.


"A hip, progressive, youth-oriented "60 Minutes" dedicated to making itself "a user's guide to how the news gets made."
--Chicago Daily Herald

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